• My Rhinoplasty Experience In Texas

    Everyone has a body part that they wish they could change. Personally, if I lost a bit of weight, I would be fine. However, some among us cannot live with the nose that nature granted them. They are fortunate enough to have an option to change this, without spending all the time and energy I would require to get me my perfect body. Plastic surgery is not a common solution to deal with body image issues. This is because it is more or less permanent. You cannot go back to your previous look if you don’t like your new look. This is why you need to weigh all your options before you do a rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job.

    Before you decide to change the shape of your nose, it is important to study your face and bone structure. A nose that looks awesome on somebody else could look awful on your face. Approaching this realistically will also help you come up with accurate expectations. Rhinoplasty is not magic, and it can only do so much. As far as plastic surgery goes, this is one of the most complex and challenging types according to Houston,TX nose job surgeons. It requires a specialist which will cost more money than a general plastic surgeon. It is not covered by insurance so if you must have it, you will need to make a payment plan.

    Any good surgeon will warn you that there are risks to every surgery. The first is the usual risks associated with going under anesthesia. Your breathing could also be affected, and the surgery could leave a scar. Your nose may also look fake and different from the rest of your face. Excessive bleeding could also lead to death. There are also the risks that come with going under the knife of an inexperienced surgeon. Poor surgical techniques could leave you looking worse than you could ever imagine.

    If you still want to go ahead with the surgery, it is now time to choose a surgeon in Texas (if you live here!). Your budget will be the first factor that will narrow down your choices. Choosing a surgeon in your location will be ideal so you can go straight home after the procedure has been performed. It does not require hospitalization, but you will need some time off work for your scars to heal. It is discouraging to study your face immediately after surgery because there is a lot of fresh scarring and swelling. The finished product will take a few weeks to be evident, after all; the swelling has gone down. Finally, make sure you invest in a good diet and skin care regime because it will help your body heal after the procedure.

    A nose job may not have the desired effect on the first attempt. The surgeon may recommend additional work in the future. This will all depend on how you like your new nose. Do not be discouraged if it is not perfect because perfection is impossible to achieve. The ultimate decision to do or not to do a nose job lies with you.If you need more information about finding the right surgeons then checkout surgeonly.com website.

  • Big Tex

    The annual Oklahoma-Texas game includes many familiar sights.  Perched high above the crowd at Dallas’ Fair Park is an icon known as Big Tex.

    Big Tex was originally erected in 1949 as a giant Santa Claus by the people of Kerens, Texas, to promote local commerce. TheTexas State Fair purchased him for $750 in 1951, changed his wardrobe, gave him a booming voice, and he made his first appearance at the fairgrounds in 1952.
    He’s 52 feet tall, wears size 70 boots and a 75 gallon hat.

    Big Tex serves as the principal identifying symbol, signature landmark and meeting place for patrons at the Fair, and is an indispensable part of the festival surroundings at the annual Red River Rivalry in Fair Park – Texas vs. Oklahoma.